Phallus In Wonderland

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Live From Antarctica (1990)
Phallus in Wonderland (1992)
Tour De Scum (1992)
Skulhed Face (1994)
Rendezvous With Ragnarok (1997)
Dawn Of The Day Of The Night Of The Penguin (1998)
Ultimate Video Gwarchive (2002)


Phallus In Wonderland
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Phallus In Wonderland

A long form video from the alien warriors of Richmond, Virginia who try to offend everyone. The narrative -- in which the institutions of America come together to censor GWAR -- basically serves as an assault of modern capitalist culture and its values. The movie contains several of their gross-out songs, all of which are from the album "America Must Be Destroyed." The strangest tongue-in-cheek political satire you'll ever see.

Out of print on VHS as of April 1994. In this mondo-metal video saga The Scumdogs of the Universe do battle and match wits with Gor-Gor, Edna P. Granbo, Corporal Punishment and their Morality Squad. 5 songs from `America Must Be Destroyed' are performed before the epic search for the missing phallus is over. Performing Artist(s): Gwar Song(s) Include: "Crack in the Egg" "Gor-Gor" "Have You Seen Me" "Road Behind" "Morality Squad"

DVD Features

Region 1
Keep Case
Full Frame -
Dolby Digital Stereo 2.0 - English
Additional Release Material:
Isolated Audio Track
Interactive Features:
Scene Access

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