Skullhed Face

Skullhed Face on DVD and VHS

Live From Antarctica (1990)
Phallus in Wonderland (1992)
Tour De Scum (1992)
Skulhed Face (1994)
Rendezvous With Ragnarok (1997)
Dawn Of The Day Of The Night Of The Penguin (1998)
Ultimate Video Gwarchive (2002)


Skullhed Face
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Skullhed Face

GWAR, those lovable, bloodthirsty, space marauders come rockstars are conducting a world wide soul sucking telethon from their pirate TV station in Antarctica. They feed their victims to the ever-swelling world maggot, hoping to escape from Earth by riding it into outer space.

The outrageous programs on Slave Pit TV have attracted the attention of Glomco, the world's largest corporate octopus, controlling every aspect of earth's communication media except one...GWAR! Glomco wants Slave Pit to sell out, and when Sleazy P. Martini and GWAR visit Glomco's corporate headquarters, they stumble into an intergalactic conspiracy to take over the Earth and homogenize all humanity.

DVD Features

5.1 Surround Sound audio
Animated menus
Interview and live footage
GWAR "family album" photos and art gallery


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