Ass Itch-Korn

I hate writing shit
It is so stupid
What's my problem today?
Maybe I'm depressed
Maybe I'm not used to what comes out of my hand
Pain! Pain!
I hate writing shit
It is so stupid
Why do I feel this way?
Feelings in my heart
I'm in way too far
and it won't go away

Pain! Pain..
For love, my son is dying...

I hate writing shit
Ain't looking forward to it
What's fucked up today?
Writing all this time
Feeling all that's mine come right out my hand

Pain! Pain..
For love, my son is dying...

Tell me now
I want to know
Is it me inside you see?
I admit I got a little son out side me
free me
set me free (repeat)
Just set me free (repeat)
It just set me free (repeat)

For love, my son is dying..
This.. life.. I'm.. dying
This.. lie.. I.. try

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