N 2 Gether Now-Limp Bizkit

Significant Other (1999) Edited; Enhanced CD

In the land of the lost
Standin up I'm sideways
I'm blazin up the path
Runnin on the high ways of rap
Choked up by the smoke and charcoal
by the stamps and brands we're like a barcode
I'm dashin all the media strikes
I keep the media, the media
As reinforcement for the fight
And that alone will keep John Gotty on the phone
I tangled in the zone
I got the bees on the track
Where the fuck you at?
Method Man: Ticow
Fred: Let me here your pigeons where your mouth now
MM: Shut the fuck up!
Fred: I'm pluggin in them social skills that keep my total bills
At rubba million
Last time I checked it
Thank God I'm blessed with the mind that'll wreck it
Wait until the second round to knock em out
MM:they call me Big John Stud
Middle name Mud
Dirty water flow
Too much for you thug
I can't stand the flood
Wuddup, doc?
Hold big gun like Elmer Fudd
to show shot Mr. Meth
I'm unplugged
Tempeture's too hot for sunblock
Playin with mine
So get your state time
Locked behind twelve walls from a great mind
Killa bees in the club with this ladybug
Brought his sword to the dance floor
To cut a rug
Love is love
All day til they dose
And take another life in cold blood
Can't fail me
Till it's your plug
murder raciamendous
Crime indentless
Say shit din and day
ball up and give us
They know not what they do
All praises due
I'm big like EZ and Big Bamboo
{Chorus: What's that? I didn't here you
Shut the fuck up
Come on, a little louder
Shut the fuck up
Everybody in together now
Shut the fuck up
What? Huh?
} Headstrong
dead kong
Get it right , y'all
Dead weight to dead wrong, let's get it on
Twelve rounds of throwdown
hoo hoo crown
Protect land with whole pound
Limp Bizkit
Get around like merry-go
Bust a scenario
Comin through your stereo
Why risk it?
Life style of the pro limp thinkin gifted
Came to set you right
I'm into minerals, delicious
word on the street is
They bit my fecies
knocked out they're front teethes
Tryin to taste mine
Actin like they heard throught the grapevine
feeling the bass line
To provide rhyme
Hard as nails through the cuticles
Where'd you find that monster?
She's beautiful
Wu Tang and Limp Bizkit
Roll onto the set
Pull a hole in the speaker, pull a plug
And then get
Fred:Mic check, so what's it all about?
Where we gonna run?
Maybe we can meet up on the sun
discretion is advised
for the blood of merchanise
We're limpin' on the track with the method
So get the sunblock
You're gettin one shot
until you dissolve
I revolve
Around everything you got
From out of nowhere
Prepare, you'll be blinded by the glare
I told you not to stare
Now you're turned to stone
without microphone
but don't you forget, you're in the zone
MM: So shut the fuck up!
Fred: And take that shit back
Cuz all your shit's wack
MM: doo doo with doo doo
With it's weight out like that
Fred: burnin up you're brain like a piston
So all those who didn't listen
Never even knew what they were missin
And never even knew that the sky was fallin down
Wu Tang Clan for the crown
{Chorus} It was over your head
All day everyday
S-I-N-Y 10304
Wu Tang killer bees
and the Limp B-I-Z-K-I-T

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