Dream Goes On Forever Guitar Tab


Dream Goes On Forever Guitar Tab by Todd Rundgren

A Dream Goes on Forever - Todd Rundgren (LP Todd : 2/74)

Intro   : Gm C7 F Em Am D6 G7
Verse 1 : Fmaj7                       Em
          A million old soldiers will fade away
                F          E7    Am
          But a dream goes on forever
              C7                          F          Em
          I'm left standing here I've got nothing to say
                 Dm7        G7    C
          All is silent within my dream
Verse 2 : Fmaj7                      Em
          A thousand true loves will live & die
                F           E7    Am
          But a dream lives on forever
              C7                       F         Em
          The days & the years will go streaking by
                  Dm7              G7    C
          But the time has stopped in my dream
Bridge  :    Gm           C7       F       Em
          We all have our everyday hopes & fears
                   Dm7       G7         C
          & you'll find no exception in me
              Gm           C7            F      Em
          but that doesn't get me thru a sea of tears
               A              A7      Dm7 G7
          over life's biggest tragedy
Verse 3 : Fmaj7                   Em
          You're so long ago & so far away
                 F           E7    Am
          But my dream lives on forever
            C7                        F           Em
          I guess I believe that I'll see you one day
                  Dm7          G7    C
          For without it there is no dream
Repeat Intro; V4 repeats last two lines w/parenthetical chord variance
Verse 4 : Fmaj7                   Em
          You're so far away & so long ago
                 F           E7    Am
          But my dream lives on forever
          C7(Gm)     C7               F     Em
          How much I loved you you'll never know
                   Dm7         G7    C
          Till you join me within my dream

   BTW: This is a jazzy keyboard tune, so the idea that the above
        fairly primitive guitar representation of it does it justice
        is more than slightly presumptious. I tried, anyway. :)

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