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Eminem - E

1. Stan
2. The Way I Am
3. The Real Slim Shady
4. Role Model
5. Guilty Conscience
6. My Name Is
7. Just Don't Give A F***

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Eminem - Hitz & Disses Unauthorized

Biography DVD

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Slim Shady Show

Animated; Standard Screen; Soundtrack English

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Eminem All Access Europe

One of the most controversial performers to storm onto the pop music scene at the turn of the 21st century, Detroit rapper Eminem is a ground breaking, volatile talent. ALL ACCESS EUROPE is a film of Slim Shady/Marshall Mather's 2002 European concert tour, which took him to towns including Oslo, Hamburg, Manchester, and Paris. Armed with his chainsaw, Eminem performs stirring renditions of hits like "Stan," "The Way I Am," and "Purple Pills."

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Eminem AKA

This documentary on the enigmatic hip hop star Eminem aims to get a glimpse into his hectic life by speaking to a number of people close to him. Eminem shot to fame after a demo tape was picked up by acclaimed rapper and producer Dr Dre. Blown away by what he heard, Dre helped the future-star get a record deal, and produced his debut album. Millions of record sales later, unsavory aspects of the rappers' life began to seep into the public domain. But when his second album took off into the stratosphere, his private life became unconformable public, with lawsuits and bitter recriminations coming at him from all angles. His mother Debbie Mathers, grandmother Betty Kresin, uncle Todd Nelson, and many others all offer insight into Eminem's life here, providing some fascinating tales of his pre and post fame life.

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8 Mile

Eminem (real name Marshall Mathers) makes his big screen debut with 8 MILE, a bracing drama directed by the increasingly audacious Curtis Hanson. Set in 1995 in the bleak, urban battle zone of Detroit, the film follows the struggles of a young man who is desperate to make a better life for himself. Jimmy Smith, Jr., better known as Rabbit, is destined for a life of squalor. Living in a cramped trailer with his deadbeat mom (Kim Basinger), Rabbit works in a factory to make ends meet. His only outlet is hip-hop. Possessing a talent for freestyle rapping, Rabbit still hasn't managed to unleash his true potential. But his best friend, Future (Mekhi Phifer), is determined to make that happen. Future forces Rabbit to enter a freestyle battle that he blew the week before, giving him another chance at redemption. Hanson's stellar portrait of lower-class urban disillusionment, shot with uncompromisingly gritty realism by Rodrigo Prieto, proves that the issue is no longer about race, it's about money. Eminem delivers a bold performance as the troubled youngster who is still trying to find his place in a harsh, cruel world.



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Eminem - The Real Slim Shady Website


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