Mya Fear Of Flying Lyrics

I've got a fear of flying
On my plane cuz we've got no say in how it ends up
Well in my mind love's the very same way
That's why I never give my heart to no one


I'd never take a chance on a love that gets me off the ground (oh yeah)
I cling to earth-bound things
But I wanna spread my wings somehow
(I've got a)

[Chorus ]
I've got a fear of flying high
(And I'm prepared to spread my wings Ohh)
It's all in my mind
(Love defies all gravity yeah)
Voices in the wind
(I can hear them welcome me to fly)
Think I'm flying now, flying now, flying now . . .

I've been in love but I fell too fast I found myself in turbulent skies
I felt the hurt when I crashed and burned
Then I found myself with tears in my eyes
But when you look at me, something says that its gonna be alright
(Gonna be alright)
Alright (will be alright)
And all my fears I've faced
Cuz I think I'm gonna take this flight
(Will Take this flight)

[Chorus ]

Suddenly something beyond the clouds is calling me
And your love to me is like therapy
For my soul
So I'm ready to
Fear of flying
(Ohhh Spread my wings)
It's all in my mind
(Love defies all gravity)
Voices in the wind
(I can hear them welcome me yeah)
Fear of flying now, flying now, flying now (I wanna fly, I wanna fly)
Think I'm flying now
Think I'm Think I'm

[repeat 2 more times]

Fear of flying now, flying now, flying now

[Chorus with
Add libs until fade]

Mya CD

Fear Of Flying (2000)

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